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Noki Extravaganza!

Date: Monday, June 27, 2011 Destination: Fort Funston Adventure Details: A beautiful day out near the waves. Noki made so many friends and couldn’t wait to go out again!

Zip Dog: Remy

Alias: The Brown Bullet Best Buddy: Tulsa Team: Play & Chase / Social Networkers Remy is a super fast, super sweet pit bull who loves to show off just how high she can jump. And what a player! She’s a model of how to politely meet new dogs, big or small, and always looking for […]

Zip Dog: Trucker

Alias: The Sheriff Best Buddy: Jasper Team: Play & Chase /Social Networkers Trucker is a fluffy mix of all-sweet dog. He was rescued from the Merced County shelter, one day away from being euthanized only because the shelter was so crowded, and has been my best buddy for almost five years now. He is very […]

Zip Dog: Jasper

Alias: Wild Child Best Buddy: Trucker Team: Play & Chase /High Climbers Jasper’s a true Zip Dog: a country dog turned city dog, made for adventurin’ and who loves to play and explore. He’s learned how, in the 3 years that he’s been with us, to reign it in as a Pack Dog, which isn’t […]

Zip Dog: Rufus

Alias: Caboose Best Buddy: Pack Leader Team: Sniff-n-Stroll Captain Rufus AKA “The Caboose” is usually bringing up the rear of our doggie pack, taking his time to sniff the flowers along the way. He’s a very sweet fellow who loves rolling on his back, and showing off his “Climb Time!”, skills by jumping up on […]